Presenting an overview of the work of the artists’ coalition AMBruno, Judy Goldhill will present work in Tate Britain library together with other artists, each with their own diverse practice,who are brought together by a common interest in the medium of the book. Participants in the group’s projects produce new work on a given theme; as distinctive as the books are in structure, print technique and visual content, a formal and conceptual thread connects each of them.

On this occasion, complete sets of the book works are on display in the reading room accompanied by a selection of other artists’ publications. Some members of the affiliation talk about their own books, within the context of the group’s activities and in relation to some of the other works on display.

Curated by AMBruno, supported by Katie Blackford (Liaison Librarian)

  • Contingencies of Light
  • Contingencies of Light
  • Cerro Tololo, Chile